Tours at ILHS

Charlee Robertson

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Photographer: Rasmus Jurkatam

Here at Indian Land High School, there are educational tours are offered. Sometimes they are over spring break and sometimes over summer and once it was even over Christmas break. The tours are mainly through EF Tours, which you can explore their website at One of the primary contacts for the tour is Mrs. Litz who has gone on the tours for the past 7 years.

This year’s tour is to Japan. The cost of the trip is around $4,500 and it is an 11-day trip. It will be over spring break but we do not know the exact dates right now. You go on a plane to get there but once you are there you travel by train. There is not an actual limit of people who can go but the bus can only fit up to 50. Anyone can go but it mainly for students.

The tours are run by EF Tours and Mrs. Litz will be going on the trip as well. Mrs. Litz chose the trip to Japan, she said she wanted to diversify travel and add a little spice to travel. The purpose of going on there’s tours is to educate you on culture and food and to teach you how to interact with people from different places. When you get there you will see museums and the land and the history of the place. You will also learn a little bit of the language.

For any extra information, you can email Mrs. Litz at [email protected]

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