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 Indian Land High School is doing its annual MAP Tests this Wednesday. The tests are administered by the district, with MAP meaning  Measure of Academic Progress students will take part in these, like they do every year to test their growth on certain topics.

These tests are done to gauge the student’s growth and how they have progressed on two specific topics, with those being mathematics and reading. The number of questions usually varies around 45-55 questions depending on which subject test you are taking. According to  Ms.King at Indian Land High School, “the questions are more about general knowledge and how well the student can answer them, this is done to see the students growth, progress and knowledge on basic but also more elevated topics”. The computer is also built to change the order of the questions to prevent the possibility of cheating between other students. Cheating, just like on every other test, is not to happen during Map Testing, if such an act is done the student or students doing the act will receive a zero and will have to wait for the remainder of the class until everyone completes the test. Jarell Johnson who is attending Indian Land High School said: “I don’t really like taking the tests at all, but I do understand why we have to even I do not like it”. So as you can see, some students are not really willing to take the tests but respect while they are having to take it. Students will start the test depending on when they have the class as no specific time is set.

This will not be the only MAP Test done, usually, during each school year at least two or three MAP Tests are done to test how the students have grown and progressed from the beginning of the year to the middle or end of the year applied by the NWEA. Each year this test continues to help students grow and succeed and will continue to be applied for at least the next 2-3 years.

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