Santiago Salazar, Editor

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Big changes are coming to all students of Indian Land next year. You may have seen the construction of the new Indian Land High School while driving down 521. The new school is going to be almost twice as large than the current one. Construction on the new high school started in 2018 and is set to be completed May 2020 and open in the fall of 2020.

The school will be two stories tall, 258,000 square feet with a 22,400 square foot career and technology center and a 17,500 square foot athletics field house. The school has multiple new sports facilities including a stadium, baseball field, separate track facility, and a field house. This new school will have a maximum capacity of 2000 students as opposed to the current Indian Land High which has a capacity of 900.

The architecture company that made the school is Moseley Architects and the builders of the school are Cleveland Construction. Cleveland Construction has said there is room for more buildings to be added if ever needed. They have also provided images of what the new Indian Land High School will look like when it is completed. With all this information you may ask what is going to happen with the current Indian Land High? The current high school will turn into a school for 7-8th graders, the middle school will be for grades 5-6. Since this new Indian Land High will be located five miles down 521 from the current high school it will be an even longer trip for the students that live near the South Carolina and North Carolina border.

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