Bonfire Kicks off Homecoming

To celebrate the final varsity football, we have multiple celebrations such as the homecoming dance, spirit week and the homecoming bonfire. 

Maria Serrano Cruz, Writer

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The bonfire was on Wednesday, October 3rd, starting at 5 p.m. and ending at 8 p.m. The bonfire is a celebratory event before the homecoming dance and is a big part of spirit week. However, this year the school has decided to do it after the homecoming dance. 

This year’s bonfire had food trucks, music that was played throughout the whole day, corn hole, and performances from the Diamond Steppers, cheerleaders, and Dance U

It was “Alright” 

Throughout the bonfire when asked about how it was, many people said that it was just “alright”. “The fire and the performances themselves were pretty good, and at least you didn’t have to pay for it.” one Indian Land student said, but on the other hand, there were many students who thought that the bonfire was “garbage” . “The food trucks were overpriced and there weren’t that many options, plus the music choices weren’t that great either.” 


Though there were some issues when setting up the bonfire. When interviewing Ms.Wilkins, one of the sponsors for the Student Government at Indian Land highschool.  Ms.Wilkins states that “the homecoming dance was scheduled before the homecoming week because of the fall festival, which this weekend and because of the issues with parking, they didn’t want the festival to fall on the same time as the dance so that nobody would have to worry about where they were going to park. Which at first I didn’t think I (or the students) would like, but from a planning perspective I actually kinda like a little bit more and hopefully, we won’t have to do it again because we will be in a new facility.”  

But overall, Ms.Wilkins says that besides that she didn’t have to worry all that much because this year the PTSO was in charge of setting up the bonfire and not the Student Government. “It was awesome, all I had to do was provide Pam, the president of the PTSO, with a list of the homecoming court and help them set up.”

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