How the New Schedule is Affecting ILHS

Donavan Ventura, Writer

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At Indian Land High School and Middle School, the start time for the past several years has been 8:30 am and ending at 3:30. Multiple students and faculty have said they think this start time is far too early according to freshman Javion McCorkle. This has also caused issues for bus riders getting to school late according to the announcements announcing buses arriving late on multiple occasions. Now, this is all changing; at least for the high school. While the middle school schedule will stay the same, the high school is now moving to a schedule of 8:50-3:50.

There were multiple reasons why the district made the change to the start time. One reason was so the traffic would not be as bad after school. Another reason is so the busses would be split, meaning no high schoolers with middle schoolers anymore. This also puts students who do not have any extracurriculars in a better situation, allowing them to sleep longer. However, this causes students who participate in extracurricular activities to lose free time in the afternoon.

There have been mixed opinions on the schedule change amongst students. “I don’t care honestly, it doesn’t affect me,” said a sophomore. “It’s unhealthy,” another sophomore said. “The later we get out of school, the less vitamin D we will be getting, and that is extremely bad for our health.” A freshman replied with “I like it. It causes less commotion between students leaving the middle in high schools. It used to be so crowded after school and now that dismissal is pushed back, it makes it way easier to get home. Also, now being in high school we need a lot of sleep, so the extra 30 minutes helps a lot.”

The new schedule has also played a role in the parents who have to take their kids to school. “It really did help a lot.” said a local Indian Land parent. “The new schedule gets rid of a lot of traffic and makes driving in the morning a lot less stressful. It’s really quick to get in and out of school now.” This could be an issue for parents that work earlier in the morning.

In total, the new schedule change has caused mixed feelings amongst students, faculty, and parents. The new schedule has its positives and its negatives for everybody in the community. Regardless, it is safe to assume the schedule will not be changed again soon.

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