Making the Transition to Freshmen Year

Jaden Olivo, Writer

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Coming into high school can be a very challenging time for many students. As a freshman, the thought of being picked on for being an underclassmen can be a nightmare. Also, scenarios change altogether, from having a team of 4 certain teachers that you have for the whole year with some encores in middle school, however in high school it’s very different. It becomes 4 different teachers each semester, with no team, and classes all over the school instead of the classes being in the same certain section. It’s more inconvenient for students altogether and for the freshmen, it might be too much for them. 

One freshman, when asked about how he feels about the transition from middle school to high school, said, “I like it better, you have more freedom to do what you want, and you don’t have to wear certain clothes like middle school made you do”. Another freshman replied with “People said it would be hard but it’s not that hard, same environment, pretty much the same as middle school.” Asking more freshmen showed the similarities of how they feel about high school, how as a freshman said “I became more accustomed to high school faster than middle” and it seems like overall high school is more favored for freshmen

Things that Freshman like in the transition are “The schedule”, “More selection of classes”, “Playing high school sports”, “Getting to wear what you want”, and many more things in high school that benefit the freshmen more than middle school did, making the transition for most of them very easy and very quick. But one thing that most freshmen don’t like are the hallways when going into their next class. “The hallways are too crowded in high school but in middle school, it was much easier, certain classes would come out at different times for convenience”. It seems like with many freshmen also saying that something they could change in the high school would be transitioning to different classes safer since many things could happen with many rowdy students in the hall trying to get to their next class.

  In total, many freshmen like high school more than middle school, mostly for its convenience and find it to be a better opportunity for more learning. High school is a more open and relaxing experience for new students coming in, and with a great welcoming brings the motivation to have a great school year.

Jaden, a freshman in the 2019-2020 school year.

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