Spirit Week to Lead into Homecoming

Indian Land High School, plans for spirit week, September 30 through October 4th, with winners

Alex Victor, Writer

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Indian Land High School is having a spirit week. Spirit week is when every day, there is a different theme that students and teachers may dress up as. ILHS has spirit week as an opportunity for kids to show their spirit for their favorite football team or favorite era of time.

On Monday, September 30th, Indian Land High School kicked off their spirit week with American day. On American day, students may wear red, white, and blue, or dress like an American stereotype. The only issue with this theme is some kids were getting offended by what other people were wearing. Some students saw America day unnecessary and controversial. Although this was an issue, students and teachers who dressed up seem to have fun.

Overall students and teachers showed there American spirit, even if it was a simple outfit or full-on face paint and a tutu. Many students are looking forward to the rest of the week! The winner of American day Solomon Cortez.


October 1st, 2019, on a beautiful Tuesday, students were allowed to wear there pajamas to school! Many people wore funny and wacky onesies. Once again there was an issue with this theme as well, except this time not so controversial. Some students were very revealing clothes such as short-shorts, crop tops, or an open buttoned shirt that shows cleavage. Piper Dillon and Kameron Goldman were the two winners.

It’s yet another day of spirit week, and on Wednesday, October 2nd, ILHS had rival day theme. This means that kids could wear jerseys of their favorite sports team. Students were wearing eye black, football jerseys, and hats. Students who did this showed their spirit for their favorite team. The winner for Wednesday was Jet Burnette.

Two seniors dressed for Rival Day.

To show the spirit of how far generations have come on October 3rd, 2019, Indian Land Highschool had throwback Thursday. On Throwback Thursday students can wear anything ranging anywhere from the funky 80s or grunge rock shirts from the 90s. A recurring theme was students dressing up as hippies with flower crowns and groovy glasses. Teachers such as Mr.Wilkins went all out! Purple eyeshadow, hair extensions, neon green shirt, and bell-bottom leggings. Many teachers, such as Mr. Colagross and Mrs. Wilkens, thought that throwback Thursday was the most popular theme. The winner for Throwback Thursday was Max Yegge.

To end the week, students wore school colors! Boys wore cheerleading uniforms, students had face paint and even glitter in their hair. Even the hallways were decorated with different themes like space or America. Seniors started the day off by riding in shopping charts getting freshmen excited and pumped for the pep rally. The three winners for spirit day were Markeith Drakeford, Michael Rosacco, and  Morgan Wade.

The student council chooses one or two winners for each spirit day. People will send pictures to Mrs. Wilkens of their spirit day outfit, then their name goes into a system and the winner is chosen at random. The only thing with this is in some cases it could be unfair because there could be one student more dressed up then another student. Mrs.Wilkins tried to make it more fair by discarding a name if they just threw on a shirt compared to another kid with face paint.

Something that students have been asking was, “Why is it after homecoming?” The reason is that Indian Land High school is having the Fall Festival on October 5-6. Which gave limited parking to students and parents therefore not being able to have homecoming after spirit week.

Mrs. Wilkens said that “Certainly more people are involved”. A lot of students and teachers believed what she said was true. 

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