Throw it Back to Homecoming

Loud music, students singing until they lose their voices, and teenagers being teenagers.

Zoe McCarver, Writer

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September 28 was the night of the homecoming dance. The homecoming dance is an event put on by the school that celebrates the last home football game and homecoming court, the dance is usually held after the game, however, this year was different due to planning. According to the PTO, there was a fall festival that took place and the scheduling got messed up. Homecoming took place in the gym instead of the commons this year. They had food and drinks in the commons area. While the gym was filled with students jumping in mosh pits. There was a student who performed live named PB Rah.

 When asked about the environment of the dance, a student said,” The environment was very interesting. There was loud music and all of the students were jumping around. If you were in the mosh pit, you would have to take all of the jumping and shoving. Overall there was a very good vibe in the room.” I asked the student to elaborate on what she meant by “interesting.” She replied,” There was this kid who made his own music and the DJ let him perform a couple of times. The first time wasn’t bad but then he just kept getting up there and stopped the music and it kind of got annoying. You couldn’t really hear his voice because the music was really loud. Last year the music was a lot better. They didn’t play songs that people liked. It was like pop music and Spanish music. Most students that were there wanted rap and stuff that they could dance to.” 

I asked her about the difference between last year and this year’s homecoming. She stated,” Last year’s homecoming happened in the commons area and this year it happened in the gym. It was still hot because of how many students were in one spot at a time. There wasn’t any drama but they ran out of water in the first hour. I feel like they could have been more prepared.” I asked her how they could’ve been more prepared. She answered,” Some people forgot their tickets at home and thought they wrote their names on the list, but the administration didn’t write everybody’s name on the list. Overall homecoming was an ecstatic environment and everything worked out fine.

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