Inside the Beauty Pageant

Zoe McCarver, Staff Writer

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Indian Land Highschool’s Beauty Pageant is an event not to be missed. Girls from all grades come together and compete for the prize packet.

 There will also be a Mr. Warrior, where guys show their skills and the judges choose the best one. 

I asked a few girls who will be signing up for the pageant, how they felt about it. Savanna Nguyen (10th grade) said, “I’m excited. I would love to win but if I don’t, then I’ll be happy for whoever does. I’m sure I’ll have fun participating.”

I asked Kendall Mallekoote (10th grade) the same question. Her response, “I think it’s gonna be a fun experience. I never get involved in things like this so I think that it’s a good opportunity to get more in touch with the school.”

I then asked the girls what they thought about when they heard “beauty pageant.” Savanna said, “When I hear the words “beauty pageant” I think about girls walking across the stage and trying to win a crown.” Kendall was asked the same question and responded with, “I think of girls competing to win a crown and a person judging based on beauty and talent. I think that society has taught girls or even guys that you have to look a certain way in order to win a prize.”

There’s no word on the themes or who will be judging this year’s pageant. This will be a show not to miss.

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