End Of Day Traffic At Indian Land Schools

Indian Land schools have been having very heavy traffic in the afternoon. how do overpopulation and dismissal times affect afternoon traffic?

Alex Victor, Staff Writer

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Indian land has an elementary, middle, and high school. Each of these schools dismiss students at a different time. Lately, traffic in the afternoon has been hectic according to some parents. Could this be because of growing overpopulation or the times of dismissal?  Many parents and students are certain it is not up for question if traffic is an issue. Traffic is holding up students from getting home at a certain time and parents from being able to pick up their kids on time without leaving the house an hour early. 

To help this issue a second left lane was built towards the entrance to the schools. 

This helps because a parent could skip the light and get to the school a few minutes earlier than expected. This could also help upperclassmen who work because they could exit the school faster and easier to get to their jobs on time. They try to let out at least 10-15 cars at a time to ensure that students are not late if they need to be somewhere, but traffic on highway 521 is also a big issue because of all the traffic lights and houses.

According to Mr. Horton, the assistant principal, the officers who help with traffic in the morning and afternoon help tremendously because sometimes people speed, don’t know to go and don’t know when to stop. 

Traffic is also an issue due to the increase in people moving into Indian Land. There are currently about 4,000 students and the number is still increasing, according to the Lancaster County School District. With so many people moving into Indian Land there is a lot of houses, apartments, and various stores are being built. This causes traffic because certain lanes close down causing people to crowd into one lane making it harder to drive at a certain speed. 

It is also an issue that every day their child in middle and high school are walking to the gas stations, stores, and fast food places near the school. This becomes a huge issue because if students are walking in groups they have a  big chance of getting hurt or holding up traffic by not paying attention to the crosswalk sign.

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