High School Seniors With College Classes

Donovan Ventura, Staff Writer

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Many high school seniors are enrolled in different college courses. This will make the students’ college applications look more complete. It’s also a chance to get some college credits before actually enrolling, which could be a big money saver. Being able to take these classes is a privilege that only certain few seniors can take.

The first student that was interviewed was Emma Ventura. When asked where she takes these classes, Emma responded with, “Some online in the afternoon, others from 8-9:15 [A.M.] at USCL.” She still takes two high school classes along with the college classes, which are AP Calculus and Foods 1. The college courses she is taking are English 102, Psychology 101, and Political Science.   

The other student that was interviewed was senior Grant Sellers. Grant takes all of his classes online in a mobile at ILHS, from 2:20-3:50 Mon-Fri. His college classes are Psychology 101 and American Government. “I also still take two high school classes, Prob and STAT, and Image Editing 1.” Taking these classes also gives him a head start on college. When asked why he took these classes, Grant responded:

So I can be ahead of the game.

High school seniors taking college classes can be a big advantage according to both of these students. In some cases, you will have to leave the school campus to go take your classes, while for others you can take them at Indian Land High School. According to Emma, to qualify for taking college courses you must have 4 high school classes, you do not have time to take college classes. She also stated that if you want to take these college courses throughout the school day, you must have at least one free block. The benefit is being able to save some money, take these classes early, and get a quick head start from your fellow senior peers.

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