Students with Parents as Teachers at ILHS

Maria Serrano Cruz, Staff Writer

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Here at ILHS, there are quite a few students who have their parents working as teachers. When the students and teachers were asked about what it is like, here is what they said. 


When asking if there were any advantages of having their parent as a teacher they responded by saying. Macie said, “If she can help me with certain subjects mostly math then she can tutor me in a way that I will be able to understand and I can leave something in her room and pick it up later if I have my hands full or I just don’t have enough time.” Aestas adds, “I guess there’s just more security, I don’t like if anything goes wrong then I have my parent right there and that I get to talk to him a lot.” 


When asking about their disadvantages Macie responded that she didn’t have as much free will, “I have less room to slip up and get in trouble it can look bad for the both of us.” Macie says. Aestas, when asked, stated, “He can find out my grades immediately and then he can go to the teacher and ask what is happening and then they talk trash about me. He also embarrasses me but I guess I embarrass him too.” 

“I have less room to slip up”  

When asking if there was any sort of pressure being their parents child Macie responded with “I have less room to slip up, I’m also expected to know some of the things she teaches and be good at it as well as being a good student overall, it’s not hard for me to be a good student but it’s more like an expectation to be polite and a model student for some people.” Aestas, when asked the same question, adds “ yeah in his class you know he teaches Japanese, and yeah I get it I’m Japanese but like I don’t know everything.” 

Perspective of a Parent Working as a Teacher 

On the perspective of a parent working as a teacher, Mrs.Ellis says that an advantage is that she knew her children’s teachers so if she needed to talk to them she was right there in the building and if her son was sick then she would keep the medicine he needed in her purse. 

When followed to talk about the disadvantages the one that she said that bothered her the most was whenever lockdowns happened during school “knowing that my child that I birthed is there as well.” 

Another one that she added is that she needed a second opinion on things when it came to her sons work when she taught him in her Creative Writing class “because he was a very good writer and so I was loving everything he wrote and so I felt like needed to get a second opinion to make sure that I was grading as a teacher and not as his mom because I was so proud of him.” 

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