New Faces at Indian Land High School

Teachers and students that are new to Indian land state their opinions on the school.

Nolan Reid, Staff Writer

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A picture of Indian Land High School from the Rock Hill Herald

Indian Land has seen a large amount of growth in the past 10 years. In 2017 the population of Indian Land’s population was estimated to be 26,251 people and around 917 students in the High School. This was a 48 percent increase since 2010, and it has been increasing ever since according to “The Herald.”

Indian Land’s schools have seen a large increase in the number of students, with a current estimate of 1,200 students and more than 50 teachers as well according to the website: “”

Many new people, especially students, will have trouble adapting to their new neighborhood or school. Even if they do manage to adapt, people may still have preferences on which place they would rather live or like to attend school. 

“I feel like Indian Land High School is very safe and that we have a lot of fun times” a new freshman stated “I feel like the teachers do their jobs very well and they each have their personalities, which keeps classes from being bland and uninteresting and it helps me learn and have fun in the classes.” “It has been a little difficult for me to make friends and get used to another school but I have the right number for me. It was a little scary at first when I was talking to new people but I realized that the students here are very open to new people and it is easy to find someone who shares your interests and I can’t think of anything that I would change about this school, he said.

“I like this school, the people are nice and it has been easy for me to make friends and I feel like I’m pretty lucky to be able to attend this school. The food is good, the teachers do their jobs well and are very nice people and I have nothing that I would have to change,” stated another student.

I’ve been pleased with all aspects of this school: the administration, the teachers, the students, everything.

“This is my favorite school that I’ve taught at in my 27 years of teaching” Mrs. Lisa Faris, the Digital Desktop Publishing teacher happily stated “There is a great diversity among the kids, which creates challenges, but they’re good challenges because I can do things in different ways.”  she said when asked about her opinions of the students “I’ve been pleased with all aspects of this school: the administration, the teachers, the students, everything”.

Mrs. Stephanie August, a teacher in Family Consumer Science, also stated that Indian Land is also her favorite school that she has taught at over her nine years of teaching. When asked about the students, she said: “Overall, there is a lot more respect towards education, teachers, and administration. There is a higher level of wanting to succeed. Students here seem to be more concerned about their grades and where they are going in their lives. They are also more respectful towards each other and they seem like they are willing to stand up for one another.” 

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