Opinions and Plans for Halloween

Josiah Weed, Staff Writer

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Halloween is an international holiday that is celebrated on the night of October 31st. On this night, children all over the world dress up and go door to door asking for candy, which is also called Trick-or-Treating.

On the night of October 31st, people will be out Trick-or-Treating. Some will be staying home and handing out candy to children. Others don’t even celebrate Halloween. They celebrate other holidays that occur around the same time. For example, The Day of the Dead. It starts on October 31st and runs through November 2. If they don’t celebrate anything at all around this time then they would probably spend it like any other evening.

A Jack-o-lantern with a light inside. In front of a fence on October 21st. People carve pumpkins to celebrate Halloween. (Pexels.com, Free stock photos)

  An example of a holiday that people celebrate other than Halloween is the Day of the Dead. Most Mexicans celebrate La Dia De Los Muertos or The Day of the Dead. It is a holiday that celebrates and remembers the dead. When asked whether people celebrate both The Day of the Dead and Halloween, Ms. Bejarano said: “They could if they want”. When asked what the differences between the two are and she said, “It’s more of an offering” and “It’s more traditional than Halloween and depends on your family and where you’re from,” referring to The Day of the Dead. The one similarity is “They have a specific wearing to it. For the Day of the Dead, you wear like the sugar skulls,” according to Ms. Bejarano.

I feel like Halloween’s for all ages and anyone who wants to do it should be able to do it because it’s fun, and holidays should be fun.

Halloween is also celebrated in our student body. “I feel like Halloween’s for all ages and anyone who wants to do it should be able to do it because it’s fun, and holidays should be fun,” stated a student when asked his opinions on Halloween. “I’m trying to get him to dress up as a Vsco Girl with me and then when I get back, my family does this thing called the Haunted Woods. It’s where we put a haunted maze in their backyard and let people walk through it and try and scare them,” was the students’ plans for Halloween. “I like it because people get to be creative and have fun and eat candy” was what Ms. Walden said when asked. She had no plans for Halloween, but she “…might dress up at school”.

Since the early 20th century trick-or-treating has been celebrated in the United States. It has been celebrated in several different ways, but in today’s day and time it is celebrated in a relatively simple way. People dress up in a costume (whether it be an animal, fictional character or something else) and go door to door asking for candy. They carve pumpkins and set up decorations such as zombies, ghosts, skeletons, and Halloween colored lights.

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