Powderpuff Preview

 The annual Powderpuff game, which is a fundraiser for Prom, is to be played on November 26th.

Jacob Letterman, Staff Writer

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The senior class of 2017 getting ready for their last Powderpuff game at Indian Land High School. They beat the freshman team in the first round and then the sophomore team in the championship game. This win continued the long-string of victories by the senior class each year. Photo courtesy of the yearbook staff of 2016-2017.

The annual Powderpuff football game will be held on Tuesday, November 26th, at 2:00 pm on the Indian Land High School football field. To be able to play in the game you have to be a female student at ILHS, register for the game through the google form and pay a fee of $16 to Mr. Colagross. The $16 will pay for the cost of the shirt, help pay for Prom, and some of it will go to the graphic design team.

The players will be split up by grade and will be coached by football players in their grade. The game is going to be a 7-on-7 flag football game and tackling will be prohibited.

To attend the game, you must pay a fee of $1. That money will work as a fundraiser for the Prom, which will be held on April 24th, 2020. 

Mr. Colagross, who is the head of the Powderpuff event, said that next year, “The plan is to make it a night game because we will have the stadium, we will have the field. We can start inviting more of the community”. 

Each grade has at least two teacher sponsors. The freshmen have Ms. Wilkins and Ms. Gibbs, the sophomores have Mr. Brooks and Mr. Cusano, the juniors have Ms. McDonald and Mrs. Ghaly and the seniors have Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. Chapman, and Mrs. Van Hoose.

Ms. Wilkins has very high hopes for the freshman team. She thinks they will win, “Just from what I’ve seen from Homecoming stuff and other things with student council. They have been a little bit more involved [than the other grades]”.

I’m not letting the other team win.

When freshman, Makenna Burns, was asked if she thought that 9th grade was going to win, she said, “Yes, because I’m not letting the other team win”. However, not all of the freshmen think that they will win. 

Another freshman, Joslyn Leventhal, said that they weren’t going to win and when she was asked why she didn’t have the confidence, she replied, “There are other grades that are older and they have been playing this for years”.

The freshman may be unsure if they will come out victorious, but it will be a great opportunity to have fun while raising money for Prom.

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