Technology Takes Learning to Another Level

Students use tech on a day to day basis, all for the better.

Andrew Teel, Staff Writer

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Technology is now commonplace in 2019, especially for younger generations and students alike. 

This is true for Indian Land, starting with the introduction of smart boards in 1991. For years, desktop computers have been available in schools, but starting in 2017, personal laptops (specifically Chromebooks) were given to students. This has made learning easier, more organized, and efficient.  

Many students have been welcome to this change, such as ILHS sophomore Aestas Hodge. She went on to say “I think the technology used in our schools helps us learn”. Arguably one of the biggest positives to the introduction of tech is to make testing easier. Computerized testing makes grading the tests themselves easier, and there are certain test tools presented to students to help them organize the questions on screen.

10/23/19 – Two sophomore students getting to work on their school-issued computers. Taken in room 127 at ILHS.

Although the reception of tech in school has widely been positive, there are some downsides to all the advantages it gives students. ILHS freshman, Javion McCorkle is also a supporter of school tech but has his opinions on what can be changed and the downsides to it all.  “ The computers help us, but sometimes it can get people sidetracked and the blocked websites are a little extreme. Some blocked sites are actually pretty helpful,” Javion states. 

 Reliability issues are a factor as well. Wifi issues could mess up testing and other important events that could rely on Chromebooks. Chromebooks can also be broken, making it tough for students to participate in the technology-based curriculum. 

Overall, student tech has been a great improvement in the way we learn and has many good things going for it. We can hope for some good changes coming to it in the future. 

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