Halloween on Halt

Halloween is always held on October 31st, or is it?

Jacob Letterman, Staff Writer

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A group of freshmen celebrating a delayed Halloween party on Saturday, November 1st, 2019. The party was held on the Saturday because of the unfortunate weather, the trick-or-treating delays and so that it wouldn’t interfere with schoolwork. The party showcased a wide range of costumes. Photo courtesy of Cody Swiler.

Every year, Halloween is held on October 31st. However, this year that wasn’t the case for every neighborhood. Many neighborhoods, including Bridgemill, moved their trick-or-treating date back to Friday, November 1st.

Bridgemill had trick-or-treating on both days because of the unfortunate weather. According to freshman Joshua Bernal, the streets of Drummond, Reynolds, and Chadwell held trick-or-treating on Friday. The rest of the neighborhood still held trick-or-treating on Thursday. 

Parents of Bridgemill got the word around about the certain streets moving trick-or-treating back through a Facebook group called Nextdoor. 

The rain caused many trick-or-treaters to stay inside on Thursday and this is the reason many neighborhoods decided to move it back to a day that had better weather. Joshua Bernall said, “It was better than Thursday because it was a little sunny outside”.

It was better than Thursday because it was a little sunny outside.

Freshman, Peyton Bristley went with her five-year-old sister on Friday. She said, “You have to think about the littler kids… you have to make it to where they can go out and can actually enjoy what they are supposed to do on that holiday”. In another quote, she says, “Little five-year-olds aren’t going to want to go outside [because of the rain]”. Older kids may not have been affected as much by the weather, but to a little kid that already complains about everything, rain on Halloween is not a good thing.

In Legacy Park, parents on a Facebook group called Legacy Park Mamas and Papas talked about moving Halloween back a day because of the rainy weather. This delay never materialized and Halloween was held on a normal day.

The Legacy Park newsletter for October reminded people to “be cautious on October 31st as children are trick-or-treating throughout the neighborhood”. According to freshman Austin Quinn who went trick-or-treating in Legacy Park, there weren’t a lot of people trick-or-treating, “I saw about 50 kids”. This is not a lot of people compared to the hundreds that previous years saw, and the weather was a big factor for this. 

Leah Schnieder, a freshman, went trick-or-treating in Arlington. She claimed, “I got some looks [for being older]… I’m 14 and I was taller than some of the adults”. She also thinks that age shouldn’t limit somebody from trick-or-treating, but height should. 

While some neighborhoods did delay Halloween. Many neighborhoods still kept Halloween as planned despite the rainy weather. Dedicated trick-or-treaters fought the weather as they enjoyed a night of candy and hanging out with friends.

The HOAs of Legacy Park and Walnut Creek were contacted for comments about the Halloween delays, however, neither responded.

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