High School Students go to Winthrop Workshop

Piper Dillon, Staff Writer

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Winthrop University invited five high schools to the university to take three workshop classes taught by college professors.

Indian Lands journalism 1 class and speech class were invited to Winthrop University to take workshop classes at johnson hall last Friday, November 1st to further educate the students in theatre and journalism. 

Winthrop University invited Indian Land, South Pointe, Fort Mill, Westminster Catawba Christian, and Ridge View High schools to the Winthrop campus at Johnson hall for the students to take part in a workshop they were having. Students were given a variety of sessions to take to pick from the Jazz dance technique, acting improvisation to Interviewing with the camera and the art of writing captions. 

The first session started at 9:20 and ended at 10:15. Students were given 15-minute breaks between sessions. The second session started at 10:30 and ended at 11:20 then the final session went from 11:25-12:30. When interviewing students there were mixed emotions on how they felt about the trip there were mixed emotions on how they felt about it. 

Josiah Weed from the Indian Land Journalism 1 class said, “ I enjoyed the field trip it was fun, got us out of class and gave us a piece of better knowledge and understanding on how to write our captions and how to take our own pictures correctly instead of pulling them off of google.” When interviewing Jacob Letterman also a student from the Indian Lands journalism 1 class he didn’t enjoy the field trip as much. He felt the classes he was in were kind of boring especially having the same teacher two sessions in a row.

Finally, when Jared West was interviewed he said, “The sessions were a reinforcement of what we have already learned.” In all Winthrop hosted a great workshop for these high school students leaving many students saying they would want to go again next year.

During one of the caption writing sessions, students were sent out to take pictures to write captions. Drew Hardin from Indian Land High School’s speech class is posed throwing flower petals for others to caption.

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