How Do Students Feel About Driving?

Indian Land High School has many students who are able to drive and some who are learners. What are their opinions about this privilege?

Nolan Reid, Staff Writer

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At age 15 1/2, many students get their Driver’s License, after practicing for six months with a learner’s permit, and buy, or, if they are lucky, are given their own car.

 Some teenagers are excited to get their first car and get to all of the places that they want to go, without having to ask their parents. Others might be scared of the responsibility, getting into an accident, the potential curfews that are given out after getting into trouble with their parents, or the event that everybody fears, getting pulled over by the police. 

Some teens may abuse the ability to drive. Some may use their car to sneak out and go to parties or purchase drugs. Some students may drive irresponsibly. They might text while driving, talk to their friends and get distracted, or drink while driving, which can all lead to severe accidents according to Stanford Children’s Health.

“I took the driving classes that Indian Land High School offers” stated a junior “Once I finally got my license, I bought my first car in a used condition.” He said, “I use that car to get to and from school and work every day and I’m not very nervous about driving and neither are my parents, as long as I’m home by two o’clock, they don’t worry.”

“I got my license but I don’t have a car.” a sophomore said, “my friend lets me borrow his car so I can hang out with my girlfriend and I’m happy that he trusts me with it.” he said, “I’m not usually nervous about driving. My parents are always nervous about me driving but they still let me go. So far,  they don’t have any restrictions for the time being, just as long as I stay safe and don’t crash.” 

“Honestly, the only time that I’m ever nervous about driving is when other people are driving recklessly.” a 15-year-old freshman stated “My mom is very skeptical about me driving but that’s just the way that most moms are” he joked “but my dad is okay with it because he used to be a driving teacher for kids and even some adults who were learning, so I have been taking private lessons with him since I passed my permit test. He usually helps me practice in a large parking lot or drives around my neighborhood, sometimes we go to the Food Lion or the QT on 521 and so far, I’ve been doing pretty good,” he said. “I don’t have any curfew times yet but since my mom is so nervous about me driving on my own, I can guarantee that I will have one,”  he stated.

“I’m a little nervous about driving. Every time.” stated Collin Voltz, who has a learner’s permit, “I am currently taking the school’s driving classes. I usually drive to places like Burger King or Walmart, I go out mostly for shopping.” he said, “My dad is nervous about me driving, but my mom isn’t, she’s fine.” 

Quite a few teens seem happy with the ability to drive, and the only way to get a license is to show that you can drive correctly and be safe on the road. While some of them don’t show this as often as people hope that they would, they earned and worked for the privilege.

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