Senior Sunrise: A Nice Break

A way to thank seniors

Andrew Teel, Staff Writer

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There’s a great new way to relax, watch the sunrise, and take a day off at Indian Land High School. 

Seniors have been in schools their whole lives, and have worked hard to get where they’re at. It is only right to give them a special occasion, a way to say thank you.

Senior sunrise is a tradition held at many schools, but this year was ILHS’s first year participating in the event. 12th-grade students woke up at the crack of dawn on October 25th and show up to the school to watch the sun come up. Afterward, they head home and are given a free absence for the whole day. 

10/25/19 – A group of 3 12th grade students participating in senior sunrise. Taken at ILHS for the senior sunrise event.

The event was set up by Katie Bowling, along with her mother and father. Teachers were required to be present as with any other school events.  An event like this is a nice thing to do for students, which makes a good mark on Indian Land. Olivia Kerna, an ILHS senior, praised the event, stating “ Overall, it was pretty great. There isn’t anything I’d really change about it”. The ILHS yearbook Facebook page commented on the event by saying “ It was such a beautiful morning to have our very first Senior Sunrise. New traditions are beginning at ILHS!” 

10/25/19 – Photo of sunrise for the ILHS senior sunrise. Taken on a hill behind the school, the event was set up by Katie Bowling and her parents.

Overall, the new tradition is well-liked among senior students. It gives hardworking and determined students a break from the pressure of school. Unfortunately, as the name states, only seniors were allowed to attend, but other grades could donate food if they wanted to. And it wasn’t exactly for everyone, either. This was a huge success for the ILHS PTO and all involved! 

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