Veterans Day Event At Indian Land High School

Indian Land High School’s Commemoration of Veterans Day

Josiah Weed, Staff Writer

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This Veterans Day, Indian Land High School will be holding a special Veterans Day event in the gym, led by the JROTC with performances by the band and chorus.

The event will be honoring Veterans for the wars they served during. “We will recognize the veterans by showing everybody the meaning of veteran’s day, how veterans day came about.” Says Colonel Joye, the upperclassmen JROTC teacher, and Rifle team teacher. Joye continued with “And as we recognize the veterans we gonna present roses about all the wars to veterans that are still living currently in the United States,” He also said that they are expecting up to 20-40 veterans, including those that are currently teachers. During the event, they will be sitting down watching the event and when their service song is played they will stand up and be recognized. “I feel like JROTC is prepared for it and were ready to serve our veterans,” was James Moran’s comment on the upcoming event.

United States Flags in a graveyard. They were in front of the graves that marked United States Veterans. They were placed on Memorial Day. (, Facts about National Holidays)

Tom Alaka is a veteran. He served in the Marine Corps from 1984-1999. “It’s a day that honors everyone that served their country as a soldier or somebody who served in the armed forces. It honors those who serve their country,” was his response to what Veterans Day means to him.

“The National Anthem and America the Beautiful,” was what Ms. Johnston’s response was to what the Chorus will be playing. “At the beginning, the National Anthem and in the middle for America the Beautiful,” was what Ms. Johnston had said when asked when the chorus will be singing. They will be sitting in the right-hand corner of the gym, across from the band. “I mean, we need some things to work on but I think we’ll do fine, we just gotta sing like we normally do,” said Jordan Blades, a member of the chorus, when asked how he believes they will do at the event.

“Were gonna play the Arm Forces Melodie, which hits the main themes of all the different armed services including the National Guard and the Coast Guard. We’re gonna play a march by E. E. Bagley titled Nation Emblem March and it uses some patriotic themes and then its got a traditional march on top of it, and just like every year, I’m gonna play Taps,” said Mr. Willis, the band director. When asked where they are playing, he said, “Typically they have all the veterans gonna set up right where the basketball goal would be and we’re gonna be set up behind them.”. “Typically I play Taps at the end, we do sorta a retreat, but I think they may have changed it up as long as the order is concerned, but we play one of them typically closer to the beginning and one of them in the middle of the program,” Mr. Willis said when asked when they will be playing. “We’ve only had one practice so far so… I feel semi-confident, not 100% yet,” was Jared West’s, a saxophone player for the band, when asked how he feels about the upcoming performance.

Veterans Day is held every year on November 11th. It is to commemorate the veterans who gave and still give their lives for the United States. It was originally called Armistice Day, to commemorate the Armistice that ended World War One. But in 1954, President Eisenhower changed the name to Veterans Day. Don’t confuse Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Memorial Day and Veterans Day are two different things. Memorial Day is for those who died in the line of duty, while Veterans Day celebrates those who lived. Memorial Day is more solum holiday while Veterans Day is more of a happier holiday.

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