Students Going Back to school Amidst a Global Pandemic

Piper Dillon, Assignment Editor 2

Schools Back In Session


   Indian Land High School opens back up to students and goes back to school with some modifications at a later start time and on a hybrid schedule.

   Indian Land High School doors open back up to its students on a hybrid schedule. The students are put into 2 different days, A-day and B-day. A-day students come into school on Monday and Tuesday and are online Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. B-day students are online Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and come into the school on Thursdays and Fridays. There is also an option for students to be fully online and not go into school at all. Asynchronous and synchronous. Asynchronous students are able to go at their own pace and get their work assigned to them by the state and teachers at the high school grade them. Synchronous students will join their teacher’s google meet and zoom calls which counts as their attendance of the day still doing all the same work that is given to the students that are in school. 

   An A-day student Senior Sam Amman said she is very happy to be back in school and excited for her senior year but “this year is gonna be very different”. Sam is in the yearbook club and in student government as well as being on the girl’s Varsity soccer team so she is very involved in the school and its extracurricular activities. Another inside voice from the student government said that we can expect student government to bring some fun ideas like extra spirit weeks for the students in hopes to make the best of the current situation Covid-19 has put the school in.

   A student on the B-day schedule that is also new to the school David Bernal said he is happy to be in school but its a lot different from his old school given the circumstances the school is in he said he’s gonna give it time and just hope it will get better. “I hate wearing the masks you can never tell if someone is smiling at you so you just do that awkward nod instead”. Many students feel the same way that having to wear masks all day isn’t ideal but its better than staying and doing work at home without any social interaction. 

   Many students have chosen to be fully online. One student said, “I choose to do fully virtual just so I could get all my work done quickly until I learned I had to be on Zoom or Google Meet calls al day”. Some students are regretting choosing to be fully online and some are absolutely loving it they love the freedom of it. 

   There have been many mixed emotions about the school’s new start and end time being 9:30 am-4:30 pm. One student said, “I love the new start time I get to sleep in, or I can get a morning run in if I’m feeling up to it”. Some students love the new start time while others not so much like sophomore Makenna Burns. She said “I strongly dislike the new start time because now we get out even later and I have school cheer right after school then I go directly to competition cheer and don’t get home till 11:00. There is no time to do school work”. The new start and end time will take some getting used to for the students of Indian Land High School.

   Indian Land High School opening has turned out to be very successful with no big outbreak of students or staff with Covid-19 since school has started back up. The hybrid schedule seems to be working well for the students even though it seems weird to some only having half the school there. The school is finding ways to make being back more enjoyable.