50% Capacity At Indian Land High And Middle School Football Games

Olivia Morales

Indian Land students cheering on their football team at the Pink out Game! (Photo taken by Mattie-Baile Tripp)

   50% capacity at middle and high school football games is something that, as cheerleaders, fans, and players, aren’t quite used to. Indian Land High School is used to having the stadiums packed, the crowd cheering, laughing, and celebrating. That’s not the case this year.

   Fans, football players, and cheerleaders have all had a different experience with this football season. COVID-19 has affected these people greatly, especially during the season. Indian Land high and middle school have had to modify almost everything to accommodate this year and nobody knows when this is going to get better. Varsity cheerleader, Ella Noll, unfortunately, said, ¨I understand the choice that was made, however it takes away from one of the biggest experiences in high school.  Every year of high school, I have looked forward to being able to get ready with my teammates to go cheer in front of a packed stadium.  It is devastating that my senior year cheering will not be the same as past years. ¨ The fans, players, and cheerleaders are so upset.  This is overwhelming and unfortunate, and she is not the only one feeling this. 

   Also interviewed was Madalyne Tripp, better known as Mattie-Baile Tripp, she commented,  ¨There hasn’t been really a positive or negative effect but I mean it has affected them (football players). Limiting during summer conditioning contact, couldn’t use balls for a long time, and then had to wait a long time to wear pads.¨ Obviously many limitations have been going on for a long time. It seems that not just the number of fans is limited, but so are other things. The limitation of fans, pads, balls, etc has been difficult, but it seems they have managed pretty well. They have been modifying very well, as seen in the quote above, and it seems we can get through this. 

   Freshman Josh Richards stated ¨I think you should give 105% every minute of every game¨. There are fewer people in the stands and says he has to work harder, possibly because he doesn’t know when they will close down or completely end the season. I also asked Malikius Davis, he said, “It’s not that bad to be honest; (sic) it’s easier to hear coach, (sic) but I do wish we had more fans come.¨ It’s difficult for fans, cheerleaders, and players right now to go from a packed stadium to restricting the number of fans. Everyone has had the same feeling about the fans’ restriction, they don’t like it. It is for fans’ safety, but it doesn’t mean the fans wouldn’t change it if they could.