COVID-19 effects homecoming

How Students Feel About Having No Homecoming

Camryn Mekal

   Indian Land High School’s 2020 homecoming was canceled due to current health conditions, and there are no plans to reschedule.

   The school administration sent an email out to the students of ILHS telling them that they cannot have a pep rally or dance this year, but they will still have a homecoming court, theme days, and the homecoming football game during the week of October 12th-16th.

   Students around ILHS have different responses towards this effect of COVID-19. Freshman, Adam Lazarski, and Freshman, Koren Mescher, said it was unfortunate that homecoming was canceled, and they would miss the social interaction of homecoming the most. Sophomore, Jaxon Barringer, responded similarly saying “It feels weird not having a homecoming. It was a really fun time. I was looking forward to homecoming this year. I’ll miss partying the whole night and making new connections” [sic]. Junior, Payton Streicher, said, “It gives less to look forward to especially around this time of year and it’s just different.” Streicher also said that social interaction is one of her favorite parts of homecoming. A senior, Solomon Cortez, responded “It doesn’t really matter too much to me as long as we still do homecoming type things at school like spirit week and the shopping cart run. Most seniors don’t really care that much; we are just hoping for prom…Yes, I was kind of looking forward to it” [sic]. All students feel different towards this subject, but they all can agree that homecoming was something they were looking forward to and will miss.

   The students of ILHS respond differently when asked about whether or not they believed homecoming should’ve been canceled. Lazarski said, “I think it shouldn’t of been canceled, and it should of just been safely monitored” [sic]. Mescher said, “I think it’s probably the right decision that homecoming was canceled because of COVID-19” [sic]. Both freshman interviewees have opposite feelings towards this subject. Barringer and Cortez felt similarly to Mescher on this subject mentioning that canceling homecoming was the right thing to do this year because of the current pandemic. Streicher agreed with Lazarski saying “I don’t think it should have been canceled because some of us are going to school already anyway” [sic]. 

   ILHS’s homecoming court nominees are one of the largest affected groups by the cancellation of homecoming. This would be these seniors’ last homecoming as well as what was supposed to be a very special night for them. When asked about this, nominee for homecoming queen, Samantha Ammann, said, “I am very upset and wish I could have gotten the opportunity to experience one last homecoming…I am thankful we still get to participate in homecoming court.” Another nominee for homecoming queen, Mikayla Marsh, said, “I am super excited because I did not think we would be able to have a homecoming court this year because of COVID.” Nominee for homecoming king, Grant Whitherspoon, said, “I really liked homecoming at the school, but I don’t really have any strong emotions towards homecoming being canceled.”

   All the nominees are still thankful for the opportunity to participate in the tradition of homecoming court even without an actual homecoming this year.

   Homecoming is enjoyed by mostly everyone each year, and the students look forward to it for the main reason of the large social interaction homecoming provides.