Freshman Transition Into High School

Marley Ferrell

   The freshman class coming into Indian Land High school has had a not-so-traditional transition into their first year of high school. No freshman orientation, homecoming, and limited capacity at varsity football games. Students have complained about their masks, online school, and the amount of work they’re receiving.  

   Freshman student Aalona Perry is a student who decided to do fully virtual school and has been having a very hard transition into high school. “Online gets hard because I am a very hands-on learner,” Alona says. She would prefer it if she could be in the classroom because learning things over a computer screen is much more difficult for her. Aalona says she would “much rather be in a classroom” so she could get out of the house and learn face to face. Aalona also has complained about not receiving the credit she deserves on her work. She’s having a hard time getting her teachers to check her emails in a reasonable time, which is affecting her grades. She has not had the best transition into high school but hopes that things will get better as the year goes on. 

   Peighton Sweatt, another freshman student at Indian Land however has had a great transition into her first year of high school. Peighton says “sometimes it gets overwhelming with work, but overall I’m glad I can go back to school and see my friends”. Peighton also says “Basketball is different because we have lots of rules and procedures due to coronavirus.” Peighton has overall had a good transition into high school.

   Joss Yarbrough said he has had an easy transition into high school. He says “school is easy but can be aggravating at times because of social distancing.” The schoolwork and classes are easy for Joss, but being at school puts him “in a bad mood.” Joss doesn’t like going to school because the teachers and the people “get on his nerves.” Joss also stopped playing sports this year.  So if you couldn’t tell, Joss Yarbrough has had some good and bad parts of his transition into high school which is what is expected with such a Jurassic change from middle school. 

   In all the class of 2024 has had its ups and downs going into their freshman year they missed out on freshman orientation, homecoming and so much more but they’re making the best of it. The freshman class has finished their transition into high school and for the most part, are ready to finish off the year.