Halloween During Covid-19

Valentina Scarpitta

   The months of October, November, and December tend to be the most enjoyable months of the year with social gatherings for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more. With Halloween in two weeks, people are excited to celebrate. But this year is different due to COVID-19. However, that is not stopping many people. 

   The state of South Carolina has opened back up restaurants, schools, retail stores, grocery stores, etc to full capacity but to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, people are still required to wear masks. Different neighborhoods have different policies regarding trick or treating this halloween. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released certain guidelines such as avoiding direct contact with trick or treaters, washing hands before handing out treats, and washing your hands before handing it all out. These need to be followed in order to have safe Halloween celebrations. 

   ¨I am going to be staying home and watching movies, baking treats, and eating candy with my family¨ stated Talicia Mathieu who is choosing a safe way to celebrate her halloween.  However others are celebrating very differently and not taking many precautions. Like Reese Swegan who said ¨I got invited to this party that I may attend if I find a costume.¨”. Many other people responded the same way as Swegan with plans to attend large social gatherings with little to no protection like masks or social distancing. Others responded more like Mathieu who are being more precautious and staying at home. 

   While only enforcing social distancing, the majority of neighborhoods around this area still plan on having a regular Halloween and allowing trick or treating and other social gatherings and activities. It is recommended to wear a mask but it is not exactly enforced. People who worry more about the virus spreading have the option to stay inside. 

   As unfortunate as it is to be in such an unfavorable situation with this pandemic, we still have to stay safe and take many precautions. Being considerate of others is very important during these times and especially during the holidays where people want to celebrate as usual. As important as it is to stay safe and try our best to avoid the virus, that does not mean that you should not be able to celebrate as their are many ways to partake in traditional activities in a safer way.