Student Government Hard at Work

After Covid-19 mixed things up for the school, the student government stepped up to try to make it just as great.

Ariel Roundtree

   The start of the  2020 – 2021 year at Indian Land High School was a little complicated, but as people began to get back into their area of expertise the ILHS student government has been trying to bring back the fun things everyone seems to adore. 

   Covid-19 impacted the school year a lot, with many activities that are looked forward to not being able to happen. The Student government is trying to make it better, with planning things like the Homecoming game and powder puff to bring back at least a small part of the normality. 

   For homecoming, they are having the court and the game, also allowing people to be elected King and Queen, along with a spirit week for students to participate in. Sadly only 1,000 people will be allowed at the homecoming game due to the still standing restrictions from Covid-19.

   After interviews with two members of the student government they seem to have quite a clear goal, to make this year just as fun and full of activity as possible.When asked if they have any way of bringing back a sense of normality Taylor Petrosino, the director of communications was able to answer “Overall, we’re trying to maintain a sense of unity, even from a distance, by consistently communicating with the student body (especially on our Instagram @ilhsstudentgov) and hosting events that remind students that we’re in this together, and that they’re not alone. We’re doing everything that we can to virtually host all of the events that we would normally host!” 

   Ms. Wilkins, the teacher advisor of the council stated that they are planning on keeping the spring events, like powderpuff, prom, and graduation; but They it isn’t final seeing as they don’t know if COVID-19 will let up by then. She also talked about hoping that in November the restrictions will be lifted so they can try to make up for the fall activities such as a homecoming dance later in the school year, or a virtual dance.