Yearbook Update

The 2020-21 Yearbook for the popular, Indian Land High School in SC, has been recently updated due to the unexpected issues of Covid-19, and have been distributed throughout the school.

Alexa Carvajal

Indian Land High School Yearbook’s getting ready to be distributed.   

   This school year at Indian Land High School has been impacted variously, while in the making of the yearly yearbook and some things needed to change. Many students have, unfortunately, not taken their yearbook pictures because of the fact that they picked virtual options. Although, nothing dramatically changed for the 2020-21 Sports Season, as they have already had their pictures taken and weren’t impacted too seriously by Covid-19. Football, Volleyball, Softball, etc games are still being held and team pictures have been put out for students to see. Many students have been going to all the fun, Friday Night Lights, being held in the schools and seem to have a great time.  

   The Sponsor of the Indian Land High School Yearbook club, Mrs. Geese, and a few student members have been interviewed to answer a few  questions. When asked, “How has Covid-19 affected the making of the yearbook? What is going to fill the pages that are normally used for fundraisers and events that won’t be happening this year?” Mrs.Geese stated that “This year has been quite different than years past, to say the least! We started planning for things this summer by attending multiple Yearbook workshops and doing a lot of research by talking to other Yearbook Advisers across the country.” Some members of the Yearbook Club said that, “The way that we are trying to look at things as student members is to not dwell on what we don’t have this year as far as events like the Homecoming Dance and Pep Rallies, but to think about the things we DO have.” 

    Student Members as well as the Head Sponsor are trying to keep a positive attitude with everything causing this to happen. “We also have an opportunity to change things up a bit and not do certain spreads that have always been in yearbooks for 50 or more years. This, to me, is the most exciting part! We put our heart into creating the Yearbook each and every year, this year is definitely a challenge, but we are determined and passionate about putting together a Yearbook that will definitely not disappoint.” explained, Mrs. Geese. 

   As said, the yearbook committee is “thinking about the things they DO have” and working with it to provide the school with the best, most put together yearbook they can. It’s awfully hard for them to get yearbook priorities done, especially when it’s in the middle of a pandemic and not everyone is at school, but they are doing their best and getting everything situated just as they should. Mrs. Geese and these Student Members deserve more recognition for their awesome work, as well as putting their time into making a well-made yearbook during these hard times.