Students Juggling Work, School, and Sports

Vinnie Sanzo

  Jaxon Barringer (far left) is with his cross country team during the upper state qualifier meet in 2019. Barringer posts a time of 17:52 which is good enough for a 24th placing. This time is good enough to help push the team to a state meet appearance.Via

   Some students are having a difficult time juggling work, school, and sports because of Covid-19 and other outside causes. Some students are having a hard time having to do all three of these things. One example would be one of Indian Land High School’s students, Jaxon Barringer who is on the track and cross country teams. He says he has a hard time because playing sports makes you tired physically, but school makes you tired mentally and sometimes that combo can be hard to deal with. “Sports make you tired and then I have to do two hours worth of work, it’s a lot of mental stress,” says Barringer. While school and sports can be difficult, adding a job to the mix could make it even harder. Jaxon has a job working at McDonalds, although he says “I get all of my schoolwork done the night before”.

   Sports can very easily get in the way of school, but if you have decent time management skills and can multitask it can be very simple. However, Jaxon says that it doesn’t happen as often as you might think. Although doing school, work, and sports can be very rewarding if you’re up to doing all three of them. “I enjoy meeting the people the most,” says Barringer. In any of those environments there are many opportunities to meet new people and even new friends. Focusing can be one of the most difficult parts of juggling work, school, and sports, especially for Jaxon. It might also be for most people especially in certain scenarios where you have to cram time in for a big test but also have a huge game tomorrow. Those few but big scenarios can happen from time to time and make it hard. All in all, as long as you can have the ability to adapt to your environment and challenges that are thrown your way, juggling all three could be doable and fun.