Quran-time Out

Quarantine has left everyone in different spots. This article is about a few people in some of those spots.

Khamron Venson

   Tatiana Rodriguez is an adult from Columbia that works at Steps n Motion, lives with her husband and two children, and didn’t work for the first two weeks of the pandemic. She says she had to adapt to keep working and needed to make space in her home to do online classes. Her husband also started working from home and her entire family was home a lot more. Mrs. Rodriguez says she has gotten back to her normal schedule teaching classes in person. She found being at home with her kids fun and said her thoughts on quarantine was slow and she got to spend more time with her family.

   Edith Kpaeyeh is an adult that works at the Carolina healthcare industry living with her daughter Favah and kept working her job during the whole pandemic. She works in the healthcare industry where she takes care of sick people. She says she does worry about getting sick because of how many are not treating lockdown restrictions seriously. One of her major changes was she had to wear two masks during work and gloves as well, it was the hardest transition for her. Miss Kpaeyeh feels like this quarantine has a lot of restrictions.

   Finally Tony Rodriguez is a student of Indian Land High School who was affected during the pandemic. During this time his social life changed, he was unable to keep in contact with his friends and he even lost a few. His view on school work during that time was that it was easy. He stayed active with football practice. Mr. Rodriguez’s hardest transition was fixing his schedule to fit his life at the time. Mentally, quarantine has made him stronger showing he can handle tough situations and his family has gotten closer with everyone being at home more often because of lockdown.