The Japanese Class at Indian Land High School

“The Japanese class at Indian Land Highschool is not difficult if you take the time to learn symbols and read Japanese literature,” says Matthew Hodge, the Japanese teacher at Indian Land High School. The students in Hodges’ class have similar things to say about that.

Olivia Morales

   Mr. Hodges’ 4th Block Japanese Class. Image taken by Josiah Weed

   The Japanese teacher at Indian Land High school says, “It depends on the teacher, curriculum, and process in every classroom. I stress reading and literacy in Japanese first, so if a student isn’t willing to spend time memorizing symbols, the class will be very hard.” Learning the Japanese language is different from regular languages and seems it would be more difficult for students who like to slack off, and not study. Hodge also states, “I am literally willing and happy to teach anyone Japanese as long as they’re willing to learn, so the only problem students are those unwilling to spend the time to learn.” He stated while stressing how important it is to pay attention, take your time, and study when learning the Japanese language. Japanese students can’t just slack off and do their assignments at the last minute. It takes time and dedication to be in the Japanese class at Indian Land High School

   One of the students in the Japanese class this year is named Joseph Fields. He stated , “I do not think that Japanese is difficult, though at times the studying becomes tedious.”. Fields obviously agrees with what Hodge has said. They feel that the class is difficult if you don’t study and dedicate your time to learning the language. You can’t study or do assignments last minute. This class takes a good amount of effort than the other classes and isn’t for people that don’t like to work hard. Fields also said, “Yes, I think the way Mr. Hodges teaches helps me learn, it is very interactive and easy to keep up with.” This is circling back to the idea that Hodge had. It all depends on the teacher and obviously Hodge is a good one. 

   As everyone can see, Hodge and some of his students agree that this class can be difficult. If you aren’t willing to learn the symbols and study hard you might not want to enroll in the class.