What are the Majorettes doing now that football season is almost over?

Kayla Gibson

   Now that the Indian Land High School football season is almost over, the question is, what are the Majorettes doing now? They’ve made it a point to try to do as much they can in the community and in the school. 

   At the football games the Majorettes sit with the marching band and dance to the songs that are played. There are some days that they practice together. The Majorettes practice Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. 

  Majorettes founder, Jaquais People, said The Majorettes are performing in the Fort Mill Christmas Parade in early December. They are also performing at any and all Indian Land basketball games they can. For basketball season they will be performing a new style of dance called Stomp n’ Shake. 

   According to The Society Pages, Stomp n’ Shake is an African American originated style of cheerleading. Stomp n’ Shake uses African American dancing and stepping aesthetics unlike regular cheer. Stomp n’ Shake cheerleaders rarely smile, as their goal is to look serious and intimidating. 

   “We’ll be trying to perform at any community event we can,” says founder of the program, Jaquais Peoples. There is at least one more football game that the majorettes will be performing at. Come out and support the football team and the Majorettes on Friday, November 6th at The Reservation.