Academic Challenge State Champs Are Back!

What has Indian Land’s Academic Challenge team been up to recently, after their state championship win back in 2019?

Alexa Carvajal

   Indian Land High School’s Academic Challenge State Champs are back from last year’s Championship win March 29, 2019 at Winthrop University.

  Indian Land’s Academic team after having won their second state Academic Challenge Championship, back in March of 2019.

   Indian Land High School’s Academic Challenge team won its second State Academic Challenge Championship, back in March of 2019. Their first state championship win happened in 2013. Since 2013, their program has competed at the highest level at The Regional and State Competitions, finishing in second place in the state in 2017. 

   The 2019 Academic Challenge team consisted of captains Zach Kaim and Lauren Liebman, juniors Madison William and Natasha Ramesh, sophomores Katie Chung, Macie Johnston, Lorelai Schellberg, Mya Petty and Hunter Koening, as well as, freshmens Jason Connors and Aidan Urquhart.

   This season’s, as well as last season’s sponsor, Jamie Johnston has a few things to say about the Academic Challenge Team. “I enjoy working with the team and seeing them get excited when they know the answers the the questions”, says Jamie. The Academic Challenge team, according to Jamie, focuses on all subjects taught in school, except for world languages. “Of course winning is always nice, but as long as we are learning and improving on answering questions correctly then we are having fun”, claims Jamie. Anyone can join the Academic Challenge team, as you will be asked to play in matches and attend practices. 

   Shannon Devlin, a former teammate, also has some things to say. When asked what she enjoyed the most about the season, she claimed, “Being able to have fun with my friends and compete with other schools”. She also claims that in order to be a part of the team, you have to have “a good attitude and willingness to learn”. She thinks that the team is very competition based, but still so much fun. 

   The Academic Challenge team can be for anyone, as long as you put your effort and time, according to Jamie and Shannon. Being on a team and competing with other schools claims to be very exciting and interesting. The 2020 Academic Challenge team has not yet started, but the fun is yet to come.