Best Buddies

Best Buddies is a program dedicated to the aid in building friendships, that has recently made its debut at Indian Land High school.



   According to an email recently sent out by Jessica Craven, ILHS Best Buddies Chapter President, Best Buddies is a program designed to help students with intellectual and developmental disabilities(IDD) and students without IDD build friendships that will last a lifetime.

   Best Buddies is not just happening in Indian Land, it’s an International nonprofit program founded in 1989 by Anthony Kennedy Shrivers, dedicated to helping students with and without disabilities, build lifelong friendships all over the world.

   In 1987, Anthony Kennedy Shrivers founded the first Best Buddies Chapter at Georgetown University, according to a timeline on their website. 

   On January 19, 1989, Best Buddies was incorporated as a nonprofit organization, and became the first national, unified, social, and recreational program in America for people with intellectual disabilities, according to their website.

   Best Buddies High school program was established in 1995, to help build friendships among high school students with intellectual disabilities and high school students without intellectual disabilities. High school is an important time for social interactions as these social interactions can lead to friendships, and these new friends could possibly be the friends you enter into adulthood with and that’s a big change for many. Best Buddies helps tear down social barriers allowing students to build these connections with new people. 

   Best Buddies do not just stop at high school programs. They also provide programs for middle school students, college students, people in your community and they also have a program called e-Buddies that allows people to become more comfortable with technology and still build friendships.