Memories and COVID-19

A Look Into This Year’s COVID-19 Yearbook

Erin Wood and Kinzy Zmyslo

It has been very hard for the yearbook staff to get pictures of activities due to COVID-19. Social distancing and the cancellation of notable events created obstacles for the yearbook team to overcome. 

Homecoming, a highschool favorite, was canceled due to Covid restrictions. Many more typical senior activities were canceled making it even more difficult to capture the high school experience. 

“The cart race! Senior Sunrise! Stop. I miss that”, Senior Tammy Cantillano tells us. 

However, the yearbook staff has found a way to work around the boundaries caused by Covid-19. She told us about “YearbookPlus” and how virtual students can be more involved in the yearbook.

Digital + is a platform that allows students to create a portfolio. Students can upload up to 10 photos that can be viewed when the portfolio is scanned. By using this app, you can get a look into the students’ lives throughout Covid and outside of school.

While Yearbook Plus is not a big platform yet, however, Tonya Geese believes it can be very beneficial for our Covid affected lives.

The typical yearly photos you take for the yearbook were even more stressful than usual years.  “If you don’t count makeup days, cap and gowns; we should have only had like three-picture days. This year we had eight, and that’s not counting the summer session for the two days of senior pictures. So technically we had ten”, Tonya Geese explained.

Covid not only affects what is in the yearbook but also the distribution of them. Due to the late start, yearbooks will be given out in the summertime. This allows them the opportunity to add graduation to the yearbook.