Black Friday Situations

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During Black Friday, a multitude of stores provide upcoming holiday sales. However, there are many things that happen during this day of shopping. Some places around the United States are peaceful and have a little percentages of crime and violence, but there are also places with large populations. In bigger cities, such as Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and Washington D.C., Black Friday creates a huge attraction to the substantial population, which can even lead to chaos through these cities. A noticeable issue from Black Friday shopping is crowding in stores and in the streets. Lines have the potential to become long enough to go out into public streets, which provides issues for people who are just trying to get somewhere with no interest in shopping at all. More distinct issues with Black Friday shopping are found within or around stores. There are a plethora of people who stay in lines to get a good sale of only one item. Some actually camp out the night before to get in line for popular Apple or Samsung products early. Fights over products have arisen from waiting in long lines of these sales, and some of these fights can be relatively violent. If some individuals knew what they were truly getting themselves into with chaotic shopping such as this, consumers might think twice before throwing themselves in front of potential danger for materialistic items.

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Black Friday Situations