A New Club at ILHS

Gwen Kazmierczak, Writer

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One of the school’s newest club’s is the Young Democrats Club. In the club, students will have the opportunity to talk about democratic values. They will also be able to listen to speakers from the Democratic Party. The club will meet on club days, and also occasionally after school.

Ms. Burd, a social studies teacher, is the sponsor for the club. Dagny Edison and Genevieve Cook, two juniors, are the students who are most involved in the club currently. Edison said that the Young Democrats Club will be a place where people will have new opportunities and expand their political horizons. She also hopes the club will have an open community where people will be able to learn more about the government.

At the beginning of the school year, the school was approached by the Lancaster Democratic Party to start the Young Democrats Club. The Democrats are also offering to fund the club, so the meetings will also have food.

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